Set from - 15/1/2011 - Liquid special - dubplate fest


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Here's my set from - Saturday 15/1/2011 - pure liquid, lots of exclusives - enjoy

Manga & Ives ‘Cocktails’ (Dub)
Komatic ‘Beijing’ (Dub)
Komatic ‘Earth Turns’ (Dub)
Soul Purpose ‘Be Strong’ (Dub)
‘Black & Gold (Komatic Remix)’
Netsky ‘Iron Heart’ (Hospital)
Komatic ‘Run Through’ (Dub)
Jamma ‘Everybody’s Talking’ (Dub)
Chris Inperspective ‘1609 To Ladywell’ (??)
Craggz & Parallel Forces ‘Fizzy Piglets’ (Valve)
Komatic ‘Hidden’ (Dub)
Calibre ‘Rose’ (Signature)
AI ‘Day Of Rage’ (V)
Friction & Nu Balance ‘Soul Surfer’ (Valve)
Sigma ‘Paint It Black’ (Hospital)
Komatic ‘Night Drive’ (Dub)
Lenzman ‘Vale Of Tears’ (??)
Komatic ‘Make The Most Of Now’ (Dub)
Cubist ‘Ask Me’ (Dub)
Calibre ‘Open Your Eyes’ (Signature)
‘One More Time (Cyantific Remix)’
Danny Breaks ‘Droppin’ Science Vol. 1 Remix (Logistics Remix)’ (Hospital)
AI ‘A Tall Tale’ (V)
Netsky ‘Storm Clouds’ (Hospital)
London Elektricity ‘Just One Second (Apex Remix)’ (Hospital)

Member 2454

Watch out for tracks forthcoming for release from Komatic on SGN:Ltd and Viper, and by Manga on his Neutronic Beatz label in the forthcoming months
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