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Sessions Podcast episode 047 (Bop, Blu Mar Ten, ASC, Boards Of Canada, Dold, etc)


Hi, I've been putting together a podcast for nine years now, and there's always usually a bit of drum & bass, amongst pretty much anything else I decide to include.

This month's episode has a bit of techno, quite a bit of ambient, some drum & bass, and ends with some fairly up-front synth pop.

Hope you enjoy it.

1. Wax Stag – The Greatest Grace
2. Grant – Hommage
3. Gigi Masin – Stella Maris
4. Boards Of Canada – Split Your Infinities
5. Comit – Contact High
6. Dold – Dispens
7. Eluvium – Windmills
8. Shane Carruth – As if It Would Have a Universal and Memorable Ending
9. ASC – The Sounding Furrows
10. Etherwood – Caption
11. Blu Mar Ten – Delerium (feat. Kite)
12. Bop – So Unloved
13. Ruxpin – Too Much
14. Wild Beasts – New Life
15. The Duke Spirit – Serenade
16. Woman’s Hour – The Day That Needs Defending
17. Grouper – Headache