Serum or alternative


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Feb 2, 2019
Thinking about getting a new synth. All I currently use is Massive and the Logic Pro X stock instruments.

Serum seems to be the one to go for but I’m wondering if anything has experience with anything else or knows of anything that’s as good for cheaper or similar price?

Also any thoughts on Massive X which is apparently getting released in June, I’m thinking it’s maybe worth waiting to see what that’s like before investing in serum?
Surge is free these days and black sun empire uses it.

That's if you don't mind paying Nada, if you want something that costs money I don't know, I'd get an emu sampler with scsi drive and sample cd's in that case.

Or maybe pay for your daw, did you pay for that yet?
Thanks, I will definitely give surge a try and see how I get on with that. I have the trial of serum now and liking it so far but its very limited until I purchase a serial.

Yea I already paid for my DAW, using Logic.
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