serious wtf

meh rather have 5 followers and be talended than over 2000 people hearing how shit you are! dont worry man .
i sent him a tune, he didnt give me no deal or nothing but he mustve liked something about it cos he did click 'follow' on my shit.
i didnt even have an account at the time, the damn website created it automatically for me, i dont even have the login details. is that weird at all? to you?
oh jesus that is fucking terrible. What pisses me off more is that he gets loads of comments saying 'nice track!' or 'this is sick!'. Are all his followers deaf or something? O__O

I just went and shouted some hate onto his facebook wall.
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Unfortunately there's tons of people like this guy around, those comments are pretty sad. What annoys me about soundcloud these days is that no one ever posts any constructive criticism on new producers' tracks... like they're too afraid to speak their mind or something?!? I really wish there was an option on soundcloud to remove followers as well, sickening looking in my followers and seeing people that have like 2 or 3 songs and thousands of followers, muting them will only do so much.

The guy is probably better than me I would say? :lol: He does have a lot of followers though!

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Actually his drums are pretty wank. And his original dubstep tune is rather wank too! :lol:
high frequency is number one on the cloudkillers leaderboard.
That means that everyone who is using cloudkillers to get comments and follows will need to comment a couple of times on a high frequency tune xD
But it's really ridiculous.

I actually whored a track once, it's in my signature =p
makes me look important xD
I get maybe 2 comments a month if i'm lucky, i genuinely get excited when i see a new one, and thats how i want it to stay xD
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