Serato/Final Scratch and an old Macbook...


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Hi guys

I plan on buying either Serato or Final Scratch next week sometime and need some advice. Firstly I'd like to know which people prefer. Software features are fairly important to me so opinions on this would be great, but most important is how well its going to run on my laptop. I have a Macbook that's about 5 years old (only thing I've added is RAM to boost to 1GB) and I'm in no position to be buying another one to use exclusively with FS or Serato (which I'm sure is recommended). I use it for everything - Internet, office stuff, Itunes library etc and also the mighty Logic Pro, so I'm worried that expecting it to run FS or Serato as well is going to be a strain for it.

Based on this, which of the two would people recommend? How well it will run is very important but I also don't particularly want to settle for the 2nd best product.

Also, I hear FS Open doesn't come with software, meaning I'll have to get Traktor or something (which I can't afford at the moment). For this reason I'd probably go for FS v2 if I decide to go for FS, but is this shooting myself in the foot a bit? Is FS Open running with Traktor worth waiting for? Or should I screw all this and go with Serato?!

Very confused as you can see... help very much appreciated!

Cheers! :2thumbs: