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Mar 10, 2011
Hi there,

Bit out of the loop as always been a vinyl user but have decided to switch to a DVS. Notice older models such as rane SL2 going quite cheap. Are these models a bit too dated now or perfectly useable? I have used a denon DS1 and its fine but found the sound quality was quite noticeably poor especially useing vinyl 'thru' mode. Any thought on the SL2 in particular?

What are peoples thoughts?


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Dec 19, 2008
Tbh even the sl1 is fine if u want to play digital files like u would vinyl and hear sound. It’ll do that. Some of the newer versions have all sorts of bells on that may seem good but don’t get used. Some people may disagree but it depends on what u want to get out of it. There’s prob some people that know better than I do or some youtub vid that goes through the differences somewhere.


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Dec 29, 2007
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If you can commit to a serato enabled mixer then that's the way to go. I had an SL3 for years and did me very well to be fair but when my mixer died i got a serato enabled Xone:42c and its been nice not having to deal with all the cable mess and the SL box as just plug the decks into mixer as normal and then its USB to laptop from the mixer. I'm fairly sure serato have given up with updating the old SL boxes aswell. I may be wrong but you may only be able to run them on the old Scratch Live software as apposed to Serato DJ which they are focusing on now.
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