Drum & Bass Sequence - June 2016


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Another month passes and what a month it has been. Drum and bass is lively right now, so much good much good music it's frightening. Here's some June selection with my favourite bits plus some random ones because yeah. Check it out.

Jade - What Your Are (Break Remix) [Citrus]
>> Bomfunk MC’s - Freestyler (Teknian & ZeroZero ft. JFB Remix) [Free]
Emperor - Haste [Critical]
Voltage - Pulsate [Rollaz]
IQulah Rastafari - It Is I (Ed Solo Remix) [Jungle Cakes]
>> Roni Size & Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag [Talkin’ Loud]
Emperor - Foxholes [Critical]
>> Noisia & Phace - Floating Zero [Invisible]
Kije - Stare Into The Sun [Mindtech]
Tom Small - Future Time [Proximity]
Alibi - Hideaway [V Recordings]
Optiv & BTK - Blind Struck (Instrumental) [Dutty]
Richie Brains - Voyage [Exit]
Spirit - Request Line [Rupture]
PRTCL - Simulated [Flexout]
Upfront & Aesthetics - Gully [Smokin Riddims]
Survey - Your Wonder [Invisible]
Artificial Intelligence - Shrine [Metalheadz]
>>Brian McKnight - Stay Or Let It Go (Sabre Remix) [Free]
Isola Dusk - Waiting For You (Ben Soundscape Remix) [Intrigue]
FD - More Than Ever [Spearhead]
Kalm & Dan Bowskill - Living In The Red (Villem & McLeod Remix) [Flexout]
Duoscience & Maurs - Looking Out For Me [Soul Trader]
Bowsar - Hemisphere [Concussion]
Spor feat. Phace - Woodruff [Sotto Voce]
>> Emperor - Sidestep [Critical]
InsideInfo - Up2U [Viper]
Richie Brains feat. Fox - Splatta [Exit]
PRTCL - Recall [Flexout]
Chromatic - Impact [Innerground]
Break - Emeralds [Shogun]
Macca & Los Contreras - Love Me [Fokuz]
Kasper - Capricous [Celcius]
Abstract Elements - Curcuma [Invisible]
NC-17 - Amityville Horror [Renegade Hardware]
DJ Chap & Andrezz - Unsaved [Prestige]
All Consuming Fear - 11.M Set (Amoss Remix) [Flexout]
>> Kid Drama - Red Magic [Exit]
S.P.Y - Take Control [Hospital]
>> Lockjaw - Two Suns [Plasma]
Artificial Intelligence - Ghost Racoon [Metalheadz]
Mayhem & Logam - Centuria (Amoss Remix) [Santoku]
>> PRTCL & Sweetpea - 400Ft [Terabyte]



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This was big, Trevor! Really dug the vibes on this, always changing. My big compliment, as is always the case with your mixes, is the blends and the technique behind them. The It Is I -> Brown Paper Bag tease got me good, man. Same can be said when Floating Zero popped in. Really flawless stuff. Snuck them right in without being abrasive. That Kije tune is great. I thought when I heard the sample from Pi coming in that it was that old Randomer tune, but I dug that one quite a bit too! Hideaway -> Blindstruck was HUGE! LOVE Blindstruck and you layered the two of them very well together. Great levels on that one! Never heard that Survey tune - BIG! Definitely dig the middle, mellower, melodic section, but really liked how you smashed it back up with Woodruff -> Sidestep - WHOA!

Really dug this man, then again I always do. Keep it up!