September Jump Up Mix

new jump up mix. just recorded it and thought i'd share it

let me know what you think!


Track list:

Modified Motion & Faction - Now More Than Ever
Zen - Beat Em Up (Tantrum Desire Remix)
Firefox - Mayday
Prisoners of Technology - Trick of Technology (Sub Zero Remix)
Hoax - All Good
Twisted Individual - Rusty Sheriffs Badge (Original Sin Remix)
Supreme Being - Tune In
Sensai & Heist - Stamp Em Out
Majistrate - Spiral
Sub Zero - Dodge City
Slumdogz - Keep The Place Hoppin
Levela Ft Envy- Fiya Fi Dem
Heist - Unicron
Sub Zero - Motion
Sensai & Heist - Mean Universe
Slumdogz - The Fire
O-Jay - Ready 4 Me?¿?
Sensai - Trapped
Steppa & Kitcha - Jaws
Tantrum Desire - Mr Brookes
Slum Dogz - 8 Ball Hustler
DP & Promenade - Get it
DJ SS - We Came To Entertain (Sub Zero Remix)