SEPTEMBER 2014 Mix - Jaffasumo

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    PLAY IT LOUD & Enjoy

    2nd mix of the year with all new tracks from the biggest artists in the game.

    Starting with 'BRICKS DONT ROLL' & 'MK Q' from DJ Hazards massive new EP.
    Next up 'LESSER LIGHTS' & 'NO REMORSE' from another great producer Total Recall and Serums wicked releases 'Wiretap' & 'Tommy Gun'.
    With more great tracks from Majistrate, Pleasure, Jayline and Tyke making this undoubtedly the biggest mix yet!

    Let me know what you think and post up requests for new mixes.


    MK Q- DJ Hazard
    Take Me Higher- D-Culprit
    Bricks Dont Roll- DJ Hazard
    Lesser Lights- Total Recall
    Wiretap- Serum
    Fat Albert- Savage Rehab
    Witchcraft- Serum & Coda
    Juice- Serum
    Rudeboy- Sigma
    No Remorse- Total Recall
    A Little Mad- Bass Brothers
    Better Off Dead(TI Remix)- Filthy Habits & Fena
    Back in the Day- Majistrate
    Shatter The Sentence- Tyke
    Popcorn- DJ Pleasure
    Time Tripping- DJ Hazard
    World has Made Me VIP- Dominator
    Voices- Pacso
    Bag of Yawn- Jayline
    Hot Steppa- Bladerunner
    Tommy Gun- Serum
    Dangerous- Dubplate G.A.S
    Wake the Block- Citrus Fly
    Willy Wonka- Hizzleguy