Sensimo - Trainspotter - OLD SCHOOL JUNGLE

absolutely massive. you nailed the drums

mix sounds great on my Mackie HR824 mk2s... id probably put a TINY bit more stereo on the hats, snare and vox sample (at 1.18)

the only criticism would be to cut the sub out in a couple places (like for the breakdown bit at 2:20)

but thats big man. id play that in a set
Thanks to you both for the feedback, I really appreciate it ! but 'exploding man' you're pretty righ about that :) , it's al sampled single basslinehit wich I edited but it was pretty 'middy' and I just boosted it with a param. equo around the 20-200hz to give some more subfeeling..
drums are great, personally, id put a few more fx etc in the intro, i think the bass sounds a bit muddy, and also a bit repetetive

but overall a nice track mate
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