Senses Expand Contract / Darker Self / Mir


Jan 3, 2003
Senses bring some serious science to the procedings with this drumtastic release. Expand Contract continues a proud tradition started by Paradox with his drumfunk antics. The percussion constantly shifts and skids along abstract groovey pathways as very minimal atmospherics swirl around. The bassline is pretty heavy on this track and it's going to be pretty fun to mix with other breaky tunes as well as being demanding on peoples legs on the dancefloor. After the second breakdown some pretty hectic delay effects roll in to view and carry the tune to the end.

Darker Self is even more hectic on the drum front sounding like a continuous fill in places as the bassline lurks in the depths of the sonic spectrum. This is my favourite tune on the release as it's got so much variation in the drums with the bass providing a solid grounding groove all the way through. Mir is a slightly offkey downbeat kind of number, think Scorn meets Mo Wax. Very strange but a worthy end to this complex yet subtle 12".
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