Senseless Symptoms - First Attack(320k)


What the HEck ?

Our first set as Senseless Symptoms...share it gyus ! I hope you enjoy it ;)

Senseless Symptoms was found in 2010, when two Dn'B producers meet each other.Their names are Schyzo (SK) and Shenkster (CZ) and they both listen and
study electronic music (mostly Drum n' Bass) for couple of years.
Both of them fell into the vibes of darkstep,skullstep,techstep and similiar genres
from many famous and most respected producers such as Current Value,Donny,
Counterstrike,Limewax,Cooh,Dylan,Tech Itch,Switch Technique and more...
They visibled their name by first project that called Insane March, which was signed by Instagib Recordings.
Much bigger succes came in 2011 when next from their projects called Harmless Draft was signed by Section 8 Recordings. They are working tirelessly on new bombs and mastering their sound better and better. They will not leave you calm.
01: Donny - Fiend
02: Current Value & Forbidden Society - Control
03: Donny - Crawler
04: Forbidden Society & Current Value - Birth Cycle
05: Forbidden Society & Katharsys - Redeemer
06: Current Value - Target
07: Counterstrike & Forbidden Society - Extreme (Current value Remix)
08: Switch Technique - Exo
09: Kitech - I Am God
10: Shenkster - Welcome to Wonderland
11: Switch Technique - Intelligence
12: Machine Code - Silicon Base
13: Current Value - Munitions Plant
14: Katharsys - Symbiosis
15: Senseless Symptoms - Harmless Draft
16: Medico - Substance Dependence
17: Donny - Symptomless Coma
18: Current Value - Dark Rain (VIP remix)
19: Triamer - Kryuk
20: Dub Elements & eRRe - Popim
21: Senseless Symptoms - End of Senses (work in progress)
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