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Various Artists - Senium EP
Turbine Music
Release date: Monday 5th May 2014
Distribution: Triple Vision
Format: wav / mp3 / flac
cat no: turb009

a: Clima - 28 Riddim
b: Syndicate - Backdrifts
c: Red Army – Metastamis
d: Fullarity – Cavity

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Various Artists – Senium EP
Turbine Music unleash the Senium EP on the digital world, and opening proceedings are Turbine stalwarts and Spanish superduo, Clima.
28riddim gives you an inkling in the name what is about to be unleashed, heavy supersonic kicks and night time vocals ride along the shadowy drones and fx’s, before the heavy dub bassline drops its load into the mix, a straight up tune that has such pace for the path they have decided to take this down, Clima on fire once again.
Hot on the heels we have a Turbine debut for Syndicate, hailing from the depths of Brighton, UK. He delivers Backdrifts.
With its gradual intro, synths and breathy pads, it doesn’t take too long before the distant percussion alongside the native calls helps the 808 bass line thunder in.
Lots of sword hits and tricky but perfectly placed fx’s and percussion keeps it bubbling with the tight hi hats shimmering.
A fantastic tune from a new guy we hope to work with closer in the future.
After the success of his Debut EP on Turbine Music in January gone, Fullarity once again brings a flavour of dnb that we love.
Cavity starts off with deep atmospherics and slung down synth work, that drops into some heavy kick music.
A drone one note bassline that’s not apologetic in its work but keeps your moving as it builds with tightly lit percussion and shards of old skool breaks and shuffles peering through the already murky undertones, top stuff from the Polish man.
We once again find new talent in the shape of American’s Red Army, with Metastasis.
Red Army craft together a melodic piece of dnb that has sweet and subtle keys dancing on top of a grooved atmosphere and suspense, little vocal snippets tingle the spine and are used sparingly and not as an afterthought, future soul music. The tune really comes together the more it progresses, a fine talent from across the atlantic.
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