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OK... I decided to go back to fruityloops for a bit.

Got a couple of tracks on the go... tried using the send channels for all my drums but when I send them all to the ''send channel 1'' they have reverb added to them.

I've tried to change the send channel to default but its still not working.

I tried searching cos i remember something like this coming up about half a year back but i cant find the thread.

Someone... Anyone point me in the right direction silverplate!

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yes. select the channel you want to send somewhere, then R-click on the little arrow icon below the fader of the channel you want to send to. Then select 'Send to this track only'. If you send somewhere, you are splitting the signal into 2 places, but this way you route it to go through the target channel before it goes to the master.

The target channel has to be a regular channel tho, not a send. Sends can be useful for doing a certain FX for a group of sounds. Like having a huge dub delay on one send channel, then automating the send amounts to that channel for different drum hits to act as fills. Or having a drum room reverb on a send channel so you can send your drum hits there and adjust the amount of each hit going to the verb. Used like this tho, the FX is more useful to be set to 100% wet without the original signal so you dont duplicate the original sound. This is the 'verb' you're hearing in your way.
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