Selling my vinyl (MA, USA)


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It pains me to do this, but I can no longer justify collecting records without a set of decks. I'd really like to deal locally to cut down on the pains of shipping, but am open to international sales for the right price. Shoot me a message on what you want and I'll give you a quote. Most of the records are unplayed or have only been played a few times. Some of the sleeves show a little bit of wear from moving them around in storage and some have slightly bent corners from shipping, but the records themselves are fine. Since I'm trying to move the whole collection, larger orders will receive better deals.

CRITXLTDS - S.P.Y & Kasra/Kasra & Enei - Surface VIP/So Real (Mefjus Remix)
CRITLP05LTD - Enei, Eastcolors & Noel/Enei & Mefjus - Cracker VIP/Crawlers
CRITLP05EP - Enei - Machines
CRITFAB001 - Foreign Concept/Enei - Mob Justice (Enei Remix)/Obsession (Foreign Concept Remix)
REDSEAL018 - Marcus Intalex/Tokyo Prose - Redan/Reach
REDSEAL019 - Tokyo Prose - Raised By Wolves/Status Anxiety - Original pressing
REDSEAL020 - Paradox - Scorpius/Crate Logic - Limited marble edition
NZ019 - Tokyo Prose & Phil Tangent/Clarity - Parity (Klute Remix)/Cold Blank - Unstamped, but still the white on white 12"
HORO008 - Kiyoko - Kiyoko EP
CRSE034 - Mace - Inside Your Soul/Free Flow
CRSE036 - Calibre - Just Fine EP - White label, writing on labels
INCIDENT004 - Aquasky - Baby It's You/Do Anything (Calibre Remix)
ALICIA01 - Alicia Keys - Un-Thinkable (Lenzman Vocal Remix)/(Lenzman Instrumental Mix)
METH093 - J Majik & Wickaman - Ritual/Old Headz
METH094 - Lenzman - Lasers/Broken Dreams
METH005 - Genesis EP Pt. 4
3714337 - T.E.E.D - Household Goods (Enei Remix)/Garden (Calibre Remix)
SIG007 - Calibre & High Contrast - Mr. Majestic/The Other Side - Repress
RAMM106 - Culture Shock - Protection/Ohrwurm
SYMM009 - Break/Sato - Framework/Clap Ya Hands
ZERO7RMX - Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line (S.P.Y Remix) - White label, writing on label
GLR080W - LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y Rework)/Atlantis (I Need You)
GLR081W - LTJ Bukem - Music (Technicolour Rework)/Music
SOULR059 - Phil Tangent - Restitution/Squaring The Circle
SOULR060 - Bungle - Astral Travel/Aura
SHA050 - Way of The Warrior EP Pt. 1
DISSSLP001SPT2 - Survival & Silent Witness - In From The Wild Album Sampler Pt. 2
SPEAR047 - LSB - The Hurting/Don't Say It
SUGA003 - Young Ax - Midnight Sun (Calibre Remix)/Midnight Sun (Funkmischung)/Rave Zeit