selling my PC-based Cubase Studio totally


Gek op Mac
Dec 9, 2008
Zwolle, Netherlands
Hi, i'm selling my PC-based setup...

Pentium Core 2 Duo Asus P2K Big Tower with:
- 4gb ram (corsair)
- Asus silent graphics 9600 512MB
- 2x 400GB harddisk
- Vista Ultimate Edition
- Cubase 4 Studio (original version with dongle)
- A bag full of VST plugins
- 2 x Neovo 19" Hi-Performance Screens (dual screen setup)
- silent PC isolation

This baby is really silent and really powerfull. I'm selling it because I switch to Mac totally now. :D

For audio I have two options...
option 1: buy yourself a Edirol UA-101 and start your projects immediately
option 2: I can install Mixtreme PCI for you and deliver it with 3 break-out boxes...Great sound with it's own soundprocessor CPU's...

Give me a call if you are really interested so I can demo it.

Pricing? I think of 2499,00. All in!
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