Selling mixsets on ebay

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Mar 30, 2006
It's one thing ripping a pack or obtaining sets from bygone years but to burn sets to disc and sell them on through ebay, surely this takes the piss????

Check em out, maybe there not copyright protected but if this is the case im off to buy 1,000's of blank cd's and sell them cheaper than this cunt. :teeth::lol::)

Whats everyones thought on this type of shit.
(I wouldnt do this shit, its goddam free anyway FFS)


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Oct 18, 2004
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They're protected by copyright. Everything creative is protected by copyright. Even if the creation infringes copyright. I.e. if you go and take Inner City Lights and make a wonderful remix without permission, Goldie can sue you (and will throw you down some stairs) but you can also sue the git selling cds of your track on Ebay. And then Goldie can sue you for all the money too.

But quite frankly loads of people are selling sets on Ebay. I'd venture that a couple of 'official' getups selling cds of raves have no right to do so under copyright law.
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