Selling Logic 7 Express plus two books.

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    Jan 25, 2007
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    One reason why I really can't create tunes is that I have quite a few sequencers on my machine. I have Logic Express, Cubase SX3, and Digital Performer 5 . Caught up in the "Which Sequencer is Best" I bought them and had them running on my mac. Uninstalling them isn't enough since I can re-install them. So I'm weeding them out and selling them.

    First to go is Logic express. I bought it a while ago and never really got into it despite the fact that it's very popular. Anyhoo, I'm selling Logic Express 7 (the legit copy. You won't find any warez copies here ) Plus Two books Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7 (Apple Pro Training) by Martin Sitter. All in excellent condition. Never read them. They are here basically taking up space. The program is not registered also. And if you want to get logic pro, this would be a fairly cheaper option (i.e. buy express ,then pay the upgrade fee to logic pro). As for a price, I really don't know so we can negotiate one. If anyone is interested, send me a PM.
    I do reside in Japan, so if a deal is confirmed the shipping will take some time (two weeks at a minimum when shipping priority to the states, so it may be a bit faster or slower depending on where you live). Once I decide between Cubase, and Digital Performer, then I will post again with an offer concerning one or the other. BTW, never really sold anything online, not even on ebay, but I do have a paypal account and I would like to use that. Please serious buyers only. Ok. Enough typing from me. Feel free to post questions.