Selling collection, 120+, many classics


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Sep 22, 2008
Selling the following. I would prefer to sell them as a collection but will accept decent offers on individual records. Contact me at if you have any questions or if you want to offer for something.


4 days - Remix
Acetate Kingsize / Genetic Engineering
Acetate vs Kava Kava Pursuit
Aquasky vs Sketch Sonix Promo
Armageddon 2 - The Remixes
Azzido da Bass Dooms Night Remixes
Bad Company The Fear EP
Bad Company The Nine / Dogfight
Bad Company Inside the Machine (album)
Bad Company Digital Nation (album)
Bad Company Book of the Bad Volume 2
Bad Company Book of the Bad Volume 1
Bangkok Spark Plug / Pick Axe
Brandy N Bass Sittin on Top of the World
Brockie 2 Degrees (remix)
Brockie & Ed Solo Mars / Echo Box
Brockie / DJ Kane / Ed Solo Stampede / Outboard
Capone (Dillinja) Tudor Rose
Cause 4 Concern Infectious / Epox
Cause 4 Concern Sensor / Synergy
Digital Deadline / Fix it Up
Digital Jah Sessions / Waterhouse Dub
Dillinja Cybotron (album)
Dillinja I Wanna Know / Nasty ways
DJ Brockie Represents / Showdown
DJ Hype The Dogs..
DJ Jo S Turbo
DJ Jo S Beehive / Desire
DJ Marky LK / System
DJ Predator Backdraft / Genetic Wave
DJ Rap Nirvana
DJ Reality Cobra EP
DJ Sappo Wheeled Up
DJ Special Promo Perimeters / Interface
DJ SS / Shy FX 13th Floor / Torment
DJ Zinc Reach Out
DJ Zinc 138 Trek
DJ Zinc Tense EP
Ed Rush & Optical The Creeps (album)
Ed Rush & Optical Socom / Crash
Ed Rush & Optical Gas Mask / Bacteria
Ed Rush and Optical Medicine (Matrix Remix) / Lifecrisis
Ed Rush, Optical, Fierce Cutslo (Lokuste Remix) / Alien Girl
Ed Rusk & Optical Kerbkrawler / Capsule
Emcee Record MGS
Flex Integrity Builds Success
Footmasters Metal Gear
Full Cycle Through the Eyes 2
Full Cycle Drop Bear / Poison Ivy
Full Cycle Jittabug / Running Out
Future Cut Bloodline EP
Future Cut Obsession / Tear out my heart
Future Cut & Jenna G Mightnight (inc. Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files Remix)
Gambit Floozy / Onslaught
Global Thang Citizens / Bubberlin
Infrastructure Ltd Ed Sampler Solorize / Hypnotizin
J Magic Love is not a game (Dillinja Remix)
J Majik vs Hatiras Spaced Invader
JB & DJ Spice 3 Dimensions EP
John B Up All Night / Take Control
Kendo Formulas / Whirlpool
kenny Ken / Footmasters Turn Around
Konflict Maelstrom EP
Krust Snapshot Remixes (Original Roni Size)
Krust Warhead (Steppa Mix)
Mampi Swift The 1 / The Journey
Mampi Swift Resurrection EP
Mampi Swift Mainframe (album)
Matrix Fallen / Bad Dreams
Matrix / Fierce Tightrope / Climate
Matrix / Fierce Tearaway / Peepshow
Mechanoise Sound System Psychotic Break / Feel No Way (Sons of Mecha)
Moving Fusion - Original Unknown Turbulance / Sound in Motion
Mulder Dubplate Style / Hoover 3
Nasty Habits Liquid Fingers (Goldie Remix) / Deep Beats
Nasty Habits Shadow Boxing / Prototyped
Nico & Rukkus Defender
Optical, Rhyme Tyme, Bad Company Twisted / Ghostbuster / Seizure / Skin Tag
Optiv Strange Ways / Flatworm
Pascal & Zinc Directors Cut
Pressure Rise Blue / Changes
Pressure Rise Stranger
Pressure Rise Stranger
Ram Raiders Volume 2
Ram Trilogy Titan EP
Ray Keith Vintage Dread 2000 (album)
Rhyme Tyme We Enter (Optical remixes)
Roni Size Ultra Obscene / Our disease Tera
Roni Size In The Mode (Album)
Roni Size 26 Bass / Snapshot
Roni Size Who Told You
Sappo What I need / Smokescreen
Sektor 1 EP
Shimon & Andy C Body Rock
Shy FX The Message
Shy FX Pandoras Box
Signal To Noise Nanobugs / Novar
Soul Jah
Stakka & K-Tee Blazin Remix EP
Stakka & Skynet Clockwork (album)
The Kraft Stab 2 Def / Candid
Trace / Optical Mercury Switch / Kridian
Trouble On Vinyl Champion Sounds (album)
Trouble On Vinyl here comes trouble vol 8
True Playaz Studio 4 Ra / Trackin Device
Twisted Individual Fallopian Tube / Brain Leech
Twisted Individual Twisted Individutron EP
Twisted Individual Hung, Drawn & Quartered EP
Twisted Soundscapes Part 2
Uk Apachi & Shy FX Nuttah VIP
Underfire Recordings Stakka - Rubber Bullet / Kermal - Kontempt
Visionary Acid Flex / Murda
World of DNB Part 3
World of DNB Sampler Twisted Individual - Wales / Rayner - China
Zen / Optimus
Zen / Optimus Rodeo / Hydrostatic
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