selling all my vinyl


He Kills The Bad Guys
Jan 12, 2008
A, A
would like to sell them all in one go will consider selling them in batches tho. open to offers

Chase & status / Logistics – I got love
Renegade Hardware -The Hardway EP
Photek – Love and war
Chris Su & Concorde Dawn – Sacrifice
Mampi Swift – Music forever
Chase & status - Wise up rmx
Die - Blow your whistle
Devise + 3a – Once again
Jo - R type
Clipz – Funk physics vip
Bad Company – Spacehopper
Ram Trilogy Ch 2 - Mind overload
Sub Focus – Frozen solid picture disc
Aries – Herbsmoke
Fresh – All that jazz
Concorde Dawn & pendulum – Tonite
Benny page - stalker rmx
Calyx and teebee – follow the leader
Sub focus – airplane
Clipz – Kung fu
Visionary – Dub rock sound
Infrared – Thai stick ep
Hazard – Bubbles
Fresh – The immortal
Potential Badboy – Warn ya
Diamond Cutz – the bezerka
Roni Size - Time out
Total science rmx – elysian park
Rob sparx – Atomic supermen
Fresh – Original jungle sound ep
J majik – Capoeira clipz rmx
Total science – Dubplate
Subfocus – Ghost
Resonant Evil – Troubleshoot
Benga & coki – night
Quarantine – holding room ep
Serum & bladerunner – Snake fist
Fresh – Nervous
Unknown error – Killing floors
Welcome to the violence ep sampler
Sam snee – the republic
Breakage – clarendon
Baron – meet the creeper
Baron – kerbrcawler / compound rmxs
Liquid v club sessions 3
TC – no escape
Camo & crooked – Feelings
Aphrodite – Foghorn
Phantasy – How it is
Klone – bloodshot upbeats rmx
Zodiac – Crisis
Roni size – Strictly social nu tone rmx
Marky – battle mix vol 1
Dkay – the martians
Lyptikal – Glock Fear
Bungle – Close your eyes
Renegade Hardware – The four elements
Tommy boy – Feelin the magic
Total Science – goin in circles
Fresh – clap
Influx uk – Still universe
T phonic - Keep moving
Nightbreed – pack of wolves pendulum rmx
Malfoy – Lucky number
The upbeats – Lost once
Mutated Forms – stonefaced murderer
Bungle – where I am
Fresh – cactus funk
Total Science – No1 sound
Fierce – Carrier gridlok rmx
Alix perez – all alone
Angel – Bubbler
Dr def – Promised Land
Trouble on vinyl – Here comes trouble 4
Twisted individual – Slam Dunk
KG – Tali story
High Contrast – inagaddadavida
Serial killaz rmx – Junglist vip
Wickaman – ring of fire
Nightwalker – K1
Dillinja - Grimey Clipz rmx
G Dub – Roots and culture
Syncopix – Travellin man
Hazard – no more games ep
Il b there for u in the morning light
Blame – the search
Chase & status – Iron fist
Radar - King tut
Unkown Error - Shadows
Clipz - Number 1
Aphrodite - Criss cross
spy tech - Hypocondriac
Twisted Individual - rusty sherrifs badge
Matrix & Futurebound - strength to strenght
Digital - Fix up
Rascal & clone Python woman
Spor - Aztec
Hive & gridlok - Standing room only
Xample - Downbeat
Camo & krooked - It has begun
Sub focus - acid test
Dirty harry - Hedz must roll
Clipz - Trumpet call
Q project - Trouble
Hardware chronicles vol 1
agent alvin - dont look back
Ram Trilogy - milky way
Phace - cold champagne
crossfire - skywarp
Zinc - stepping stones
Mask - square off
Moving fusion - Triumph
Callide - The ruffneck ep
Digital - streetbiz
Ben sage - sleepless vip
Keaton & hive - the plague
high contrast - papua nu guinea
London electricity - hanging rock
roni size - its jazzy + lp
john b - Remember tonight
Camo & krooked - Get funky
Sub focus - Verano
Danny Byrd - from bath with love
Pendulum - Bacteria
Artificial intelligence - Uprising
J magic & wickaman - u disgust me
Adam f - eightball
noisia - silicon
chase & status - represent
Potential badboy - l.o.v.e
Ram trilogy - pacman rmx
logistics - together vip ep
hype - Dubplate killa double drop rmx
Blame - Rise of the machines
future prophecies - warlords rising
Shy Fx - Plastic soul
Adam f - circles
Example - girl cant dance
Shimon - the shadow knows ep
Drumsound Bassline smith - street technique pt 1
fresh - floodlight / tombraider
Kilo - push pull
Baron - blind cobblers thumb rmx
Shock one - its on
Pendulum - back to you
Marcus intalex - zumbar
Capone - style baby
decorum - contrax
dillinja - the grimey ep
Swabe Camouflage
Ant miles - Visitations pt 2 ep
Bad company - bullit time ep
Mampi swift - Hi tek
skc - Space pigz
j majik - ne generation pt 1
Pendulum - tarantula
Majistrate & nicol - psycosis
john b - up all night rmx
Kenny ken - ma2 rmx
high conrast - tough guys dont dance
mampi swift puppet walk
layo & bushwacka - love story dnb rmx
craggz & parallel forces - love insane
Wildlife - ragga tip
ed rush optical - crackball
kenny ken - everyman benny page rmx
top cat - champion deejay lp
sub focus - dirtee cash
Erik hassle - Hurtful dc breaks vocal
brookes bros - f zero
Brookes Bros - star guitar
shock one - the calling
logistics - jungle music
Clipz new generation
soundclash - bang bang
shock one dont you know
aphrodite micky finn - badass
Wickaman j majik - spycatcher
calvin harris - ready for the weekend dnb mix
sub focus - rock it
shodan & weva - new blood ep pt
Dillinja - fast car
Sub focus - xray
Eksman - roll slow
Capital j - evil streets friction rmx
Mampi swift - jaws
drumsound bassline smith - forbidden
paper planes dnb rmx
Zinc - in bass we trust ep
high contrast - the basement track
xample - contra
Krust - warhead
Ram trilogy - Beastman
Ram trilogy - titan ep
Sub focus - take me to the hospital
Subfocus - could this be real
basement jaxx - twerk sub focus rmx
potential badboy - you're mine
Chase & status - hurt you
Baron - effortless chic
M.I.S.T - outerspace
Calyx - are you ready
noisia - diplodocus
heist - captain nemo
transformers dnb rmx
shy fx - shake your body
Chase and status - against all odds xample rmx
Chase & status - saxon
unknown - Think/ indigo
Icicle - spartan
Twisted individual - hand grenade clipz rmx
Sigma - hi top
Panic - I miss you
Wickaman - bionic dub
original sin taxman - seen
Dubwise - vol 1
ics trevelyan - Exit one
Ben sage - subsistence ep
Shimon - bodyrock
prodigy - omen
drumsound bassline smith - harder
Break - let it happen
Pendulum - another planet
j majik - space invaders
TC - deep
Zinc - present tense ep
Original sin - Dr feels good ep
Camo krooked - vampires
Brookes bros - crackdown rmx
Sigma - hi top - ed rush rmx
Unknown - cant wait / tomorrow
Ed solo bengal - uptight
Action man - scheme
Fresh - the funktion
Shimon - the smoker
twisted individual - bigfoot
Social security - love bug
Ed Rush optical - the creeps lp
Crossfire - hydra
17th boulevard - memories vip
Calibre - drop it down
origin unknown - valley of the shadows
Shimon - freeze out
hype - original foundation ep
Klip - street fighter
Tc - evolution lp
Adam F - shut the lights off
shy fx - feelings
logistics - the trip
marky - LK
Dc breaks - pickett line
Vicious circle - technicolour
matrix futurebound - shanghai surprise
splittin atoms - hook line sinker
Friction - thou shalt always kill
Danny byrd - another dimension
Resonant evil - hold your breath
Klone - bloodshot
Gdub - forever original sin vip
jay line - computer ready
Sub focus - Special place
Samurai - Outsider
Mutated Forms - Bed Monster
Lenzman - Lose you
Pessimist - Whispers of scandal
Basher - airtime
Wickaman - anything you say
Soundclash - screw face
Camo krooked - the big rush
drumsound bassline smith - law of the jungle
Serial killaz - my sound a champion
Sigma - Paint it black
Deadmau5 - I remember
Joey Ringo - Blade
Mampi swift - i am legend pt 2
Subterra - the end
jaydan - paranoia
Majistrate - Elite unit
top cat - ruffest gunark chase and status rmx
HLZ - venus
camo krooked - The reward
mark c4c bones - scavenger
Dirty harry - gun fingers
Commix - faceless
Icicle - lost hours
Dopeskills - Suddenly
Fierce - empire
Original sin - d for danger
Mampi swift - I am legend pt 2
Ram - dimensions 2 ep
Taxman - I dreamt music
Original sin - grow your wings
Marvellous cain - roll that shit
camo krooked - Edge of mind ep
TKO - rolf harris
Sub focus - timewarp
Camo krooked - nano
Prodigy - voodoo people rmx
Taxman - scan
drop it like its hot rmx
motion - mortal kombat
Quarks ep
Clipz - ugly
high contrast - everythings different
Muffler - the iron tune
Mathematics - soul shayka
Capital j - you only live once
micky finn - my dog
Drumsound bassline smith - cold turkey
Noisia - the tide
Bad company - Planetdust
Renegade Hardware - aftermath the rmxs
marky - i want you
Crystal clear - 2 tone sound
Shock one - way you move
Brookes bros - tear you down
Ez rollers - ready for loave clipz rmx
dee3dee - nuff reasons
Heist - ambush
Matrix futurebound - Hold on
Shock one - blow rmx
Star soul - L.A.O.S
Viper headroom ep
Micky finn - attention
Lomax - mercia
gdub - forum fannies
Chase & status - end credits vip
Taxman - too bad
Influx uk - its love
Ant miles - mass hysteria
Grid the rmx ep
Baron - squelch rmxs
Total science - squash fresh rmx
Audio - planet fall
the kraft - Slayer
Photek - age of empires
Dbridge - twilight
Shimon - Marrakesh
Shimon - quest
Bone shaker - Watch the skies
Give me a quote on:

Fresh – Original jungle sound ep
Spor - Aztec
Kenny ken - ma2 rmx
aphrodite micky finn - badass
Krust - warhead
Shimon - bodyrock
Shimon - quest

Lots of others i wanna grab off you, but moneys tight.
Give me a quote on:

Fresh – Original jungle sound ep
Spor - Aztec
Kenny ken - ma2 rmx
aphrodite micky finn - badass
Krust - warhead
Shimon - bodyrock
Shimon - quest

Lots of others i wanna grab off you, but moneys tight.

Would love to have that one on wax too. My gf went to london a few months back, and called me from this vinyl shop saying she found dnb, and asking what record she should bring back home for me as a souvenir. She'd heard about aphrodite so told me she'd found 'badass'. I'm excited and all that, said that she should buy me that one. She comes home, and it's the remixes edition. One version even more gash than the other, bummed.

So still on the look out for it, lol. I'd love to buy loads of vinyl of the forum heads here, many classics get put on sale around here. Sucks that it's not really practical to ship over to belgium... :/
Can u do me a price for:

*Jo - R Type
*total science - dubplate
*lomax - mercia
* Star soul - L.A.O.S (I NEED THE WHOLE EP!)
*Icicle - lost hours
* Bad company - Planetdust
* Prodigy - voodoo people rmx
* Ram trilogy - pacman rmx

Oh yeah and Think / Indigo is by Subwave on Shogun I think

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Bad-Ass has been repressed a million times. You can still get it from redeye or chemical and its about £1 on discogs.
i live in southampton
vinyls are okay some of the cases have seen better days tho
but a lot of the cases are in good condition
i live in southampton
vinyls are okay some of the cases have seen better days tho
but a lot of the cases are in good condition

Happy days I live in Southampton too! Got ur message. If i come grab them call it £25? And have you got the whole LAOS EP with 'We All' which that 'Star Soul' track is on?

While ur at it are you selling any hardware? Like a mixer?
its too hard to put a price on these tunes but make me offers for what you want and il no if the price is right. sorry i cant be more helpful

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i would have but some cunt stole my djm600 this week. ive got some concorde pro needles and stanton str8150 decks for sale
Well as ur so close would be easiest to swing by and have a flick through if that's cool. I'm sure there's more I'll wonna take off ya. Can always do with replacement needles too. Hit me up with ur address and a time or something and go from there?
that explains it chrs m8

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have cleared em now u cn msg me if u want
Bad-Ass has been repressed a million times. You can still get it from redeye or chemical and its about £1 on discogs.

Yeah, i don't like buying online though...

But you're right, i should get a discogs account and wheel in some deals...
Yeah, i don't like buying online though...

But you're right, i should get a discogs account and wheel in some deals...

Honestly mate well worth it. I picked up valley of the shadows and quest from Ram for 50p each. Oh yeah and medicine and bacteria by ed rush & optical for about a £1 each!
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