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    Hi Djs and collectors
    My name is Eric and I run my records reselling website – Vinyl Pimp http://www.vinylpimp.co.uk
    I am currently looking for more US House, Detroit Techno, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Old Skool Hardcore and Hip Hop Collections
    Currently I have the most turnover on Discogs under the name of DjDTL Http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?seller=Djdtl

    Since Novembe 2007 I have been given over 50000+ records to sell on my shop, which then I will pass on a % back to the original owner. My clients include D-Bridge, Phil Asher, Jonny Rock, Ben Sims and Cancer Research.

    My service include cleaning, grading, pricing and list each one on my shop. So far I believe my feedback scores (Number 1 on Discogs) is the main reason for quick sales.

    Vinylpimp.co.uk is due to launch this year, so that you as a potential customer, can track the progress of your items. It will also give me another platform to sell your records.

    If you or know someone might be interested, please feel free to Email me on info@vinylpimp.co.uk or call 07985 656 205

    Many thanks,

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    what is your turnover? just interested as you said its the largest on discogs :)