Sell Brand New ASUS R2H Ultra Mobile PC (Unlocked) ==== 680usd

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    Dear Customer,

    E-LECTRONICS LTD is reputable telecoms sales outlet in United Kingdom with the aim of selling telecommunications products at very good prices. The company is registered in UK, all our products are brand new with one year international warranty.

    We are mobile phones wholesalers, we deals on all brands and models of mobile Phones very good prices. we have mobile phones accessories such as battery,charger,keypad,housing,datacable,ip phone, USB phone, Bluetooth earphone,Bluetooth USB dongle,etc...

    Product Quality.....
    All our product are brand new,seal in there original box,Factory seal in the original pack with all the warranty in the pack.All the product also have 1 year warranty and 90days return policy for detective error return.goods retrun are ship free without any extra charges to the buyer within 24hours.


    Tel ## ...+44 7024014832

    Please check our Inventory list and get back to us with your order ::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Real Apple Product.......................Factory Seal...

    New Apple iphone 3GS 16GB (Unlocked) ==== $300usd
    New Apple iphone 3GS 32GB (Unlocked) ==== $320usd

    Apple Iphone 3G 8gb (Unlocked) ==== $220usd
    Apple iphone 3G 16GB (Unlocked) ==== $240usd

    Apple ipod itouch 8GB(Unlocked) ==== $110
    Apple ipod itouch 16GB(Unlocked) ==== $140
    Apple ipod itouch 32GB(Unlocked) ==== $170

    Apple iPod 30GB (Video) New ==== $$80
    Apple iPod 60GB (Video) New! === $110
    Apple ipod 80 GB (Video) New! === $140

    Real HTC Product.......................Factory Seal...

    HTC A6262 Hero GSM (Unlocked) ==== $350usd
    HTC Ozone (Unlocked) ===== $340usd
    HTC Touch Pro 2 3G (Unlocked) ==== $340
    HTC Magic Google 2 Quadband HSDPA GPS (Unlocked) ==== $370usd
    HTC Touch HD Pocket PC T8285 (Unlocked) ===== $380usd
    HTC Touch 3G Windows Mobile 6.1 Edition (Unlocked) ======= 230usd
    HTC Touch HD Pocket PC (Unlocked) ===== 300usd
    HTC P4551 Kaiser TyTN II (WM 6.1) (Unlocked) ====== 250usd
    HTC P5500 Touch Dual (16 Key) (Unlocked) ===== 330usd
    HTC MyTouch 3G Magic ===== 245usd
    HTC MAX 4G (Unlocked) ==== $380usd
    HTC OMNI (Unlocked) ==== $280USD
    HTC Shift X9500 (Unlocked) ==== $340usd
    HTC Touch Viva (Unlocked) ==== $250usd
    HTC Advantage X7510 (Unlocked) ==== $300usd
    HTC Touch Diamond (Unlocked) ==== $230usd
    HTC TOUCH Cruise (Unlocked) ==== $210usd
    HTC TOUCH Pro (Unlocked) ==== $200usd
    HTC P3470 AKA HTC pharos (Unlocked) ==== $180usd

    Real Sony Ericsson Product.......................Factory Seal...

    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1i (Unlocked) ======= 300usd
    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 (Unlocked) ==== $250usd
    Sony Ericsson Z780 (Unlocked) ==== $240usd
    Sony Ericsson G502 (Unlocked) ==== $300usd
    Sony Ericsson G700 (Unlocked) ==== $330usd
    Sony Ericsson G900 (Unlocked) ==== $300usd
    Sony Ericsson T303 (Unlocked) ==== $290usd

    Real Samsung Product.......................Factory Seal...

    Samsung i8000 Omnia II HSDPA GPS 16GB Unlocked ===== 320usd
    Samsung i8910 Omnia HD 16GB (Unlocked) ===== $350usd
    Samsung SGH-i900 OmniaHD 16gb (Unlocked) ==== $280usd
    Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia 16gb (Unlocked) ==== $250usd
    Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia 8gb (Unlocked) ==== $220usd
    Samsung U800 Soul B (Unlocked) ==== $230usd
    Samsung L870 (Unlocked) ==== $240usd
    SAMSUNG D780 (Unlocked) ==== $265usd
    Samsung F110 Adidas miCoach (Unlocked) ==== $300usd

    Nokia Phones

    Nokia N97 32GB (Unlocked) ==== $300usd
    Nokia N97 16GB (Unlocked) ==== $280usd
    Nokia N96 16GB 5 MP (Unlocked) ==== $250usd
    Nokia Aeon(Unlocked) ==== $250usd
    Nokia N95 (Unlocked) ==== $200usd
    Nokia N95 8GB (Unlocked) ==== $220usd
    Nokia N93i (Unlocked) ==== $210usd
    Nokia E90 Communicator (Unlocked) ==== $200usd
    Nokia E71 (Unlocked) ==== $220usd

    ASUS Phones

    ASUS Eee PC 700W (Unlocked) ==== 300usd
    ASUS Eee PC 701 (Unlocked) ==== 350usd
    ASUS Eee PC 701CW (Unlocked) ==== 295usd
    ASUS R2H Ultra Mobile PC (Unlocked) ==== 680usd
    ASUS R2HVA1 R2H UMPC (Unlocked) ==== 750usd
    Asus P735 (Unlocked) ==== 500usd
    Asus Asus R2H-BH059T-3 7 inch (Unlocked) ==== 400usd
    Asus R2H-BH059T 7 inch (Unlocked) ==== 370usd
    ASUS NB-AS-R2H3 R2H-BH059T-3 7 INCH (Unlocked) ==== 370usd
    Asus R2H-BH059T 7 inch (Unlocked) ==== 350usd
    ASUS R2H Ultra-Mobile 60GB Tablet PC XP (Unlocked) ==== 400usd
    ASUS R2H-BH059T-3 Ultra Mobile PC Intel (Unlocked) ==== 300usd

    IMate Phones

    iMate 810-F Rugged Pocket PC (Unlocked) ===== $340usd
    iMate JasJar ===== $330usd
    iMate PDAL ===== $320usd
    i-mate Ultimate 9502 Pocket PC (Unlocked) ==== $330usd
    I-Mate Ultimate 8502 (Unlocked) ==== $300usd
    iMate Ultimate 5150 (Unlocked) ==== $200usd
    iMate Ultimate 6150 (Unlocked) ==== $230usd
    iMate Ultimate 7150 (Unlocked) ==== $252usd
    iMate Ultimate 8150 (Unlocked) ==== $285usd
    iMate Ultimate 9150 (Unlocked) ==== $292usd

    ETEN Phones

    ETEN V900 Glofiish (Unlocked) ==== $350usd
    Eten glofiish X900 (Unlocked) ==== $330usd
    Eten glofiish DX900 (Unlocked) ==== $302usd
    Eten glofiish M810 (Unlocked) ==== $255usd
    Eten x500+ Glofiish (Unlocked) ==== $210usd
    E-TEN Glofiish V900 (Unlocked) ==== $320usd
    Eten x500+ Glofiish (Unlocked) ==== $220usd

    Real BlackBerry Product.......................Factory Seal...

    Blackberry Bold 9000 (Unlocked) ====== $320usd
    Blackberry Tour 9630 (Sprint) ====== $330usd
    Blackberry Curve 8900 Javelin ====== $300usd
    BlackBerry Pearl 8120 (Unlocked) ==== $270usd
    Blackberry Storm 9530 (Unlocked) ==== $330usd
    Blackberry Storm 9500 (Unlocked) ==== $320usd
    Blackberry Curve 9220 Magnum (Unlocked) ==== $300usd
    Blackberry Storm 9530 (Unlocked) ==== $310usd

    O2 Phones

    O2 XDA Stellar (Unlocked) ==== $300usd
    02 O2 XDA Comet (Unlocked) ==== $320usd
    02 XDA Orbit II (Unlocked) ==== $330usd
    O2 Cocoon (Unlocked) (Unlocked) ==== $280usd
    O2 XDA Flame (Unlocked) ==== $250usd
    O2 XDA MINI S QUAD (Unlocked) ==== $230usd
    O2 Xda Pro Exec (Unlocked) ==== $230usd
    O2 XDA Orion (Unlocked) ==== $200usd
    02 Atom Life Xda O2 (Unlocked) ==== $220usd
    O2 XDA Neo (Unlocked) ==== $190usd
    O2 XDA Trion Quad (Unlocked) ==== $250usd

    Delivery Process...........
    We run a 48 hours delivering system via courier services FEDEX to all parts of the world.We deliver all the goods including all the receipt direct to all our buyer doorstep within 48hours of purchase without any delay.

    Order Requirement..............
    All interested buyer are expected to reply us back with the following details to proceed with the transaction...
    1)Products & Model
    2)Units for each model
    3)Shipping address,Names and Contact number.

    We assure you that you will have a nice time dealing with our company.

    We wait your reply soon!!!


    Tel ## ...+44 7024014832

    Sales Manager,
    Jose Norbert

    LIVERPOOL,L2 3AB,United Kingdom
    Reg No 06900881
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