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A selection of nice and heavy, old and new

• Alix Perez - Annie’s Song (ft. Sam Wills)
• Spirit & Digital - Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonic Edit)
• Future Signal - Espionage
• Xtrah - Headz Up
• ??? - ???
• Raz - Killa Sound
• Konichi - Smacked
• Audio & Meth - Grit
• Cause4Concern - Something Else (Break Remix)
• Phace - Species
• Chroma - Machine
• Xample & Lomax - Contra
• Detail - Exhaustion
• Nphonix & Teddy Killerz - Earth Shaker
• Icicle - Timer
• Maztek - Limber
• Ed Solo & Deekline - Always RIP (Eddie K & Minus Remix)


everyones fav austrian
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aight, thought i'd give this a go

nice intro with annies song, effortlessly rolling into the phantom force rmx, nice transition to espionage and huuuge switch to Headz Up.
??? sounds nice, feels a bit hard to follow now, that raz tune is kinda all over the place :D seems to be a nice mixing tool though
you tried to bring in something here eh? :p
not too sure about this konichi tune but it works in the mix.
like how you brought grit in, spicing up the konichi tune with some darkness, strong tune.
need to dig out the something else remix again, forgot how good it is, smooth mix, my fav so far.
nice transition into species, selectah right there hehe.
WOW, the mix with machines is super sick, the bass is complimenting species very well, i love it.
ahh, clangy clang, funny little switch to machines and back to contra though, kinda got out there with style hehe.
nice little filter fx bringing exhaustion in, the switch sounded a bit too abrupt maybe, nothing major
good idea with earth shaker but exhaustion is a bit of a bitch to mix with it's weird groove, hah, that switch came out of nowhere, nice one.
think timer would've needed a bit more of a connection to earth shaker, felt kinda like you were putting everything back to 0
build limber nicely up there, solid switch to give the tune the full effect.
always rip came in halfway through a phrase, didn't it? threw me off a bit. nice fader action there.
makes a nice ending with those saxes and the women vocal with the deep subtle bassline.

good mix for inbetween, few tunes i usually don't listen to but overall the mix was very good :)


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thanks for the feedback man... yeahs its not a true mix without at least one nice clang haha... il get on one of yours and let you know my thoughts once i get some free time at work today!