Selecta FAYAMAX - Hard Drums Addict Mixtape

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    May 4, 2013
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    Greetings dnbforum!

    Here's my Brandnew Ragga Jungle selection called "Hard Drums Addict" by Selecta FAYAMAX 
Produced and recorded By DEDA Sub System (Donnes En Donnant Audio) 

    Mixed by Selecta FAYAMAX - Camtar Studio 2013

    FREE Download ..........

    Feedbacks welcome! :2thumbs:

    Heartical Theos - Dubplate Cowboy Run Riddim (Selecta FAYAMAX RMX)
    Dialect & Kosine - Got To Be Conscious (feat King General)
    Ninjah Fareye - Cant Stand It
    DK Ritual vs Steppa Style - Dutty Bloodsucka (feat MCP)
    Wickedsquad - NoPolice (Stivs Mattykore RMX)
    R.A.W. - Warzone Junglist
    Feyder - Rub A Dub Sound
    DJ Tuskan - Herbalistic (feat Cali P)
    Jingbong Ting feat Ziggi - Cry Murda (HoT RMX)
    Peligro - Stay Clear
    Feyder - Cook War
    Celestial Conspiracy - Duppy or Gunman (Dubplate VIP)
    Celestial Conspiracy - Ganja Tune
    Step Killah - Man VIP
    Feyder & Hot - Time Is Red
    Dj K - Kill or be Killed (R.A.W. RMX)
    R.A.W. & Uncut - Junglizzerd
    The Redeemer - Radical Changes

    Jah give DEDA Sub System the power to move you!!! 

    Give thanks to my family & friends and to the Almighty for his power & guidance