Selecta FAYAMAX - Hard Drums Addict Mixtape

Greetings dnbforum!

Here's my Brandnew Ragga Jungle selection called "Hard Drums Addict" by Selecta FAYAMAX 
Produced and recorded By DEDA Sub System (Donnes En Donnant Audio) 

Mixed by Selecta FAYAMAX - Camtar Studio 2013

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Heartical Theos - Dubplate Cowboy Run Riddim (Selecta FAYAMAX RMX)
Dialect & Kosine - Got To Be Conscious (feat King General)
Ninjah Fareye - Cant Stand It
DK Ritual vs Steppa Style - Dutty Bloodsucka (feat MCP)
Wickedsquad - NoPolice (Stivs Mattykore RMX)
R.A.W. - Warzone Junglist
Feyder - Rub A Dub Sound
DJ Tuskan - Herbalistic (feat Cali P)
Jingbong Ting feat Ziggi - Cry Murda (HoT RMX)
Peligro - Stay Clear
Feyder - Cook War
Celestial Conspiracy - Duppy or Gunman (Dubplate VIP)
Celestial Conspiracy - Ganja Tune
Step Killah - Man VIP
Feyder & Hot - Time Is Red
Dj K - Kill or be Killed (R.A.W. RMX)
R.A.W. & Uncut - Junglizzerd
The Redeemer - Radical Changes

Jah give DEDA Sub System the power to move you!!! 

Give thanks to my family & friends and to the Almighty for his power & guidance