Seen VIP (?)


Jan 2, 2009
Taxman dropped what im 99% sure was seen vip on friday, thought it was a nice tune but not a staggering improvement...sorry no audio just wondered if anyone had heard anything about it?? or heard it been played??

I'm not convinced this exists until I hear it? :confused:

Not saying anyones a liar its just the originals not even out yet and its pretty rare these days for taxman or original sin to make a vip of any of their tunes
This aint a Seen VIP, its a completely different tune, just happens to sound like the original, the drums are completely different though

Understandable people might think its a vip though
drums actually kind of sound sorta similar to me

but fuck me that clip is fast!!!

always thought Seen would benefit from losing the silly wob noise and just keeping the simple low old school bass at the start of the phrase...

it's hard to tell what is VIP and what is a new tune these days in jump up cause artists tend to use an identikit approach to producing new tunes after they've rested on some good samples.
dno when i heard it i wos convinced it wos the VIP but i wos pretty fuckd nd i now listnin to it it mite not be...bangin tune tho woteva it is
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