Section 8 Recs`Villain EP` [Dubstep/Grime]

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    Section 8 Recs`Villain EP` [Dubstep/Grime]
    [​IMG] If you like dark dirty dubstep this is the EP for you. Some great artists on this one. From dark rolling basslines to tweaked out fidgity edits. Tracks from: Bodie, Dj Barracuda, Melly, Parracade, PlaYstiD, John the Jiant, Kirkus.

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    preview John the Jiant - Villain
    preview DJ Barracuda - Tactical Rubber Ball
    preview DJ Barracuda - Hard Penetration
    preview Melly - Break Your Face
    preview Kirkus - AntiPoon
    preview PlaYstiD - Intangible Fear
    preview Bodie - Casketbound VIP
    preview Bodie - Switchblade VIP
    preview Parracide - Street Jungle