!!! SECT8-001 !!!


All about the B-Linez
Hi there just a heads up incase of some of you haven t heard the rumours that dnbradio.com owner shoebox along with deception,dtawx + balistik are starting up a record label....well yes it is true and we are approaching our 1st release date in aprx a month or two.our primary label under the Dnbr Recordings LTD name is Section8 recordings,through this label we are planning to bring you the real dark n grimey side of dnb for our 1st release we have a:Future Prophecies - Wonderland vip b:Switch Technique - The Persecutor The 1st needs no real mention as u guys know Who they are and what they re about (quality dnb production) the 2nd you probably havent heard of but TRUST....this lad is going to be a real sucess in the dnb world and we have curently signed several of his tracks to the label the 1st of wich The
Persecutor is already being given respect from several top flight dj/producers it can be heard in Unknown Errors recent Heaven n Hell mix as well as his Gein v unknown error mix...We have already been planning our future releases and are currently speaking with Dj Hidden Eye-D Axis n Tank Tek Infection Mumblz plus many others....so on that note i'll bid u farewell for now..hopefully you will like the tunes and go out and buy the vinyl