Secret Society - new Nerve release - OUT NOW!!


Aug 13, 2002
Glasgow, Scotland

NERVEBP004 - Secret Society


1) "Under The Radar"
2) "All Seeing Civilians"

We're proud to welcome eclectic production duo Secret Society into the fold at Nerve. They've been making huge waves on the scene with their first release on Outrage's "Backlash" imprint and they're at the forefront of the J Tek scene, breaking down boundaries at will and bringing jungle techno back to life.

For Nerve they deliver two slabs of dancefloor funk sure to prick up the ears of any discerning dnb head. "Under the Radar" snakes it's way into your consciousness with sharp breaks, epic strings and a huge bassline that's been smashing dancefloors worldwide. Imagine the best of all of drum n bass's many sub genres rolled into one complete package and you're half way to unravelling "Under The Radar".

"All Seeing Civilians" on the flip takes proceedings down an early 90s moody tech step road with crashing breaks and sub bass to rattle your ribcage to pieces.

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