Seba Interview


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If we venture down to the smoother more sultry end of the drum and bass spectrum we`ll find the likes of Swedish national, Sebastian Ahrenberg aka Seba. If you are a keen fan of the deeper liquid sound then this should be a household name for you by now.

With a musical career spanning over 20 years, Seba has released on a host of dnb labels as well as outings into other genres. This year see`s Seba release on one of the more prestigious drum and bass imprints; Marcus Intalex`s, Soul:R. Which has played host to output from artists such as, Calibre, DRS, LSB, Zero T, Tokyo Prose and more over the last year or so alone.

We are very excited about this release as Seba is a firm favourite of ours among the ranks of liquid producers and we thought it rude not to have a chat with the man and get an insight in his workings and this EP!



Particularly like this insight :) "I might start a track with beats, then bass and then keys. Then I’ll take out the bass and play a different bass that sounds better with the keys. Finally, I’ll add a second breakbeat or even a third…and change the bass again…and the keys hahahah!!"