Searching a set since 5 years :/

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    Hi guys !

    Once upon a time my old ipod died and took my hardrive with it, and i lost every song i had, since that sad moment i try to remember a set that i think was made by Andy C but since I never found it under is name I'm being clueless now :/

    So it should be named Seek and Destroy or Search and Destroy, from around 2005 to 2007 maybe older, as I said i always thought it was from Andy C, and it as an awesome intro + the superman mix from Aphrodite remixed in it, at around maybe 20 or 40 mins.

    I can't clearly remember how long does the set is, I would say around 50 - 60 mins.

    I know I'm pretty vague but I hope you'll be able to help me on this ;)

    Thx in advance ! :thumbsup:


    Ps: I just remembered that a guy singing/ talking at the begining or after the intro shouting Andy C, that s why I always thought it was from him ;)
    Ps2: Sorry for my english, if i made any mistake you have to know that I come from a land known for their faculty to be bad at languages !

    Ps: 3 Remembered another thing ;) a few tracks after Superman there was X ray from Sub Focus remixed :) Hope it ll help you all !
    Ps: 4 There were this dope sound too ! Ed Rush & Optical - Bacteria (Pendulum Remix) It was at the begining but I'm pretty sure it was remixed because there were much more bass !
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