Sean Newnum's Liquid feat Dave Owen, Hospital and more

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    Liquid soul, dancefool dnb


    01. Felon -“The Challenge of Space Mode- One Records
    02. London Electricity- “Fast Soul Music”- Nu Tone Remix- Hospital Records
    03. Command Strange-“Soulville”-Basswerk Files
    04. Netsky -“Moving With You” w/ Jenna G-Hospital Records
    05. Command Strange-“Lover”-Basswerk Files
    06. David Owen & DJ Clart-“Deep Cover”-unreleased
    >>>> Command Strange-“Soulville”-Basswerk Files
    07. Dephzac-“Blue Sky-Dephrecords
    08. P.B.K-“Earthbound”-Camino Blue
    09. Konsta-“Free Your Body”-Hospital
    10. Dephonics “Verbal” Dephrecords
    11. Matthew-“Feeling”-unreleased
    12. Beta 2-“Release”-Play Music
    13. David Owen “Sucka For Love” unreleased
    14. Akira-“Day Dreaming”-HE:Digital

    Mixed Live from Austin, TX on 9/3/10 using cd turntables. No post edit folks, that’s cheating and why we work so hard to make it sound good. Enjoy.
    For Bookings call: 8303884818
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    I didn't know that was Dave Owen behind this tune. Heard it in NYC a while back and really dug a proper Tupac rework.

    Good to know who's behind it now.