Seal "The Killer (Bootlet DnB Remixes)" (seal001)


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Mar 4, 2002
Unlike what you might think about cheesy bootlegs this ones not so bad. I mean afterall I bought it so at least I think its neat ehh.

Seal "The Killer (DnB Bootleg Rmxs)" (seal001)

The printing on the price tag credits J Magic for doing this bootleg which might be true however I'm not going to hold him to it because this actually sounds much better then the stuff I've heard from Mr. Magic lately. Both sides are essentially the same except one side uses a classic 1992 breakbeat and the other side uses a downwards pitch shifted amen. The tune starts out with some nice emotional strings that wouldn't sound out of place in an Acen tune, then some nice bleeps are introduced till the ruff 1992 breakbeat kicks in. The tune then cycles back and forth between some Loxy like wooden stabs and the nice strings accompanied by some Seal vocals. I must say, just using the Seal vocals alone is very 1992 because it reminds me of Blame's Music Takes you.

All in all its a decent tune which should put smiles on anyones face, it certainly works for me :)

I rate this tune: 6/10
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