Scribbler Podcast - TRISECTOR [Med School]

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    Scribbler: TRISECTOR [Med School]

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    An incredibly talented artist, that takes the murky genres of dnb, and disects them further
    into his own unique variety of raw sounds. His productions get better and better, so be sure
    to check out his backcatalogue, to understand why his tunes have been in the record bags of
    the worlds top DJs since his very first single.

    TRACKLISTING (1:07):

    Failsafe - Trisector [Lifestyle]
    Junk 8 - Dak [Lightless Digital]
    The Causeway - Data [Influence]
    Escape Velocity - Eleven 8 & Kessla [Dub]
    Understory - Rebel Cause [Dub]
    Who's Next? - Trisector & Sol.ID [Dub]
    Cracker - Enei, Eastcolours & Noel [Critical]
    Don't Look Down - Break, Calyx & Teebee [Symmetry]
    Lifeforms VIP - Trisector [Dub]
    Underprint - Alix Perez & Noisia [Invisible]
    Airhead - Matrix [Virus]
    Does Not Compute - Trisector & Infader [Hustle Audio]
    The Limit - Fracture & Neptune [Astrophonica]
    The Turnover - Trisector [Lifestyle]
    Dead End - Trisector & Dejaru [Nerve]
    Coherence - Naraka [Vampire]
    The Cleaner - Hybris [Critical]
    Third Glance - FD [Critical]
    Out Of Nowhere - Defence [Dub]
    Morning Rain - Trisector [Med School]
    Piemo For B - Seba [Paradox Music]