Screamheads podcast - the DIRTY edition

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    Screamheads Podcast Part 14
    The Dirty Edition

    Filled with dirty tricks and tracks.... In this edition the Screamheads plays the newest from Spin Recordings, Good Looking, Breakbeat Kaos, Hospital Records, Innerground and Critical Records. But who is Mr. lover and can you really control a womans mind?

    Presented by Morten Alick & Casper LT


    And for the iTunes haters:

    01: The Funktastics - Girls Says Haaaa!!!! (Spin Recordings Dub)
    02: Makoto - Eastern Dub pt. 1 (DJ Marky Remix) (Good Looking Dub)
    03: Brooks Brothers - Mistakes (Breakbeat Kaos)
    04: High Contrast - Everything Is Different (Hospital Records)
    05: Rec Hot & Colourz - Chicago Love (Demo of the Podcast)
    06: Random Movement - Sabina (Innerground Dub)
    07: CLS - With No Way To Guide My Lights (Critical Records)
    08: Physics - Mr. Music Lover (Dub)


    Out now on vinylpromo:
    Screamheads feat. Camila Andrade - Under the Sun (Spin Recordings)
    Screamheads feat. Camila Andrade - Under the Sun (Bungle remix) (Spin Recordings)


    Get the promo at:
    Chemical Records
    Intense Records
    Redeye Records

    AIM tracks to spinrecordings and get them played on the show!

    Casper LT & Morten Alick