Sci-Metric says: "Fuzzy Robotic Hearts" and D&B for charity!

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    Sci-Metric says: "Fuzzy Robotic Hearts" and D&B for charity!

    Public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood robotic overlords:

    Music artists on Reverbnation can help promote charities through the MusicForGood program. I have put up 10 tracks and half of all sales go to Oxfam. So if you like futuristic sci-fi drum&bass and want to help fight poverty and injustice, download a song or two, or ten.

    My music is free to hear in its entirety on Reverbnation, Youtube, or Soundcloud, but if you like it, download it, because even the robotic future overlords donate to charity. It makes their little battery hearts get all fuzzy and warm.

    Mar Rosquites

    Listen for free on:
    but purchase downloads thru reverbnation link above

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    hmmm, actually wanted to post this in the "new producer track review" forum