Schedule One Media presents "Soma Sessions, vol. 5" ::: Mixed by FONKAH

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    Schedule One Media Presents SOMA Sessions, Vol. 5 Mixed by Fonkah

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    ...another epic dub safari brought to you by Fonkah....

    "Watch your step" Kabuki & Jeru the Damaja
    "The Unknown" The Funktion
    "Flying Fortress" Nymfo
    "Back in the Grind" DLR & Octane
    "Face the Pressure" Trex
    "It's Ruff but it's Fair" Trex
    "Adoration" Spectrasoul
    "Section" Fierce & Vicious Circle
    "Monster Dub" Bazil
    Reverse the Curse" Bazil
    "Be Strong" Soul Intent
    "Favela" S.P.Y.
    "Tavistock Dub" Zero T
    "Holding on to Never" Ulterior Motive & Juddah
    "Headspace" Mosus & Zero T
    "Xenomorph" S.P.Y.
    "Megalodon" Semantics
    "Nevada" Need for Mirrors
    "Gallows" Need for Mirrors
    "Glued" Ulterior Motive
    "Off the Radar" Nymfo
    "ABTN" Break & Silent Witness
    "Steady" Gridlok
    "Shallow Grave" Zero T & Mosus
    "Point Pleasant" Soul Intent
    "Stealth" Phony & Bazil feat. Lean
    "Glimpse" Dbridge & Spectrasoul
    "Take a Side" Bazil
    "I Need Air" Magnetic Man
    "Converge" Bazil
    "Outro" Fonkah

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