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Scarcity Records, Romania ( http://www.scarcityrecords.com )

Scarcity was initiated by Romanian breakbeat producer Mesmer with the intention
of taking a modern approach to the old-school sound, to modernize
the classic breakbeat sound.
With an eclectic view, Scarcity will drop progressive breaks and tech house
tunes for the dance floors worldwide while maintaining a catalogue of productions
that sets a standard of quality.
If you like your beats dipped in lush melodies, acidic hooks and thunderous
basslines, then this is a label worthy of your attention.
With planned releases and remixes from some of breakbeat's biggest artists such as
BETA, The Peepshow Owners, Neztic, Johan Soh, Stefan Anion, Mesmer and many
others, Scarcity is surely set to establish itself as a quality breaks label.
Our releases will stay true to our belief that breaks is powerful yet deep, making
your mind and soul throb.

Mesmer and Dj Zinn - Thinking of You (SCAR01)

Scarcity Records steps in with a brilliant debut release produced by Mesmer and Dj Zinn.
An ever haunting vocal hook laced over deep and lush melodies that intertwine with a healthy slab of driving breakbeats is what "Thinking of You" delivers.
Besides the original, the single includes 4 remixes that switch between different moods and styles making it accessible for any type of crowd.
Takomo opts for a signature rolling bassline driven remix which makes a dramatic contrast with the atmos and adds more nerve for the chin stroking fans while Yreane pitches the tempo down a bit and immerses deeper with a more percussive take and a huge breakdown that suits well any afterhours set.
Quentin pulls out a proggy 4/4 tribalistic pumper which builds well and preserves enough of the original feel.
Last but not least, Wesley Dysart adds the finishing touch in a nasty and stylish electro-house flavoured number.

01. Mesmer and Dj Zinn - Thinking of You (Original Mix) [7:46]
02. Mesmer and Dj Zinn - Thinking of You (Takomo Remix) [6:20]
03. Mesmer and Dj Zinn - Thinking of You (Yreane Remix) [7:48]
04. Mesmer and Dj Zinn - Thinking of You (Quentin Remix) [8:36]
05. Mesmer and Dj Zinn - Thinking of You (Wesley Dysart Remix) [7:46]
06. Mesmer and Dj Zinn - Thinking of You (Adeser Remix) [7:47] FREE DOWNLOAD ON Scarcity Records WEBSITE

Some reactions:

"I think the original mix is the best, I especially like the part that starts around 4:00 and goes until the long breakdown. Takomo's remix is fine as well. Nice start, good luck with the label!"
Flack Su (Glack Audio)

"That Takomo remix is just rude, oh and the Yreane version reminds me of 'Enjoy the Silence'"
Manuel Neztic (Sango Music)

"Nice one, I am feeling the grooves on the Original and the Takomo Remix for sure"
Chris Shelton A.K.A. Undecided (Mob Records)

"Strong strong release guys,well done!"
601 (Polar Red)

"Original - Great vocal, I've seriously had that vocal hook in my head all week, who is she? Typical Mesmer quality - deep, groovy, melodic - wicked tune. Great to get a tune like this at this speed.
Quentin Remix - Really nice proggy house take on this. Keeps enough of the vocal, but chops it up nicely.
Takomo - Wow, a much more tuff remix, love it. Feels fast - almost got a DnB feel, the rhythms are great - really like this. Great contrasting build, with the atmos and vocal. Peak time this one.
Wesley Dysart - More of an electro house/ break cross-over remix. Like the riff in the build.
Yreane - A much more chilled mix, really like the drums and the guitarish lead.
I think the Original and Takomo remix will be getting the most love from me and I think I've found a new favourite label."
llupa (NSB Radio)

"The original's housy sci-fi vibe is definitely on my beam. Very nice 'n' mellow also the Yreane Mix. Certainly my type. A pity there will be no vinyl of this"
Pato (Onpa Rec)

"Original mix all the way for me"
Ian "Daniella Downs" (Dead Famous Rec)

"This whole pack sounds brilliant, esp the Original"
DLaid (Atomfast)

"Wicked debut release from scarcity, Original Mix is my pick of this quality bunch"
Mark (Yellow Finger Rec)

"Takomo Remix is the best for me"
Retroid (Morphosis)

This release is out today 5th Oct, 2009

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Audio clips and Free Remix on Scarcity website


Hope you gonna like this one, guys!
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