SC:Digital 005 - Dissident (free 320kbps mp3s)

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SC Digital 005 - Dissident
A. Dissident - Lower Astral
B. Dissident - Oneiroid Psychosis

The 5th SC Digital release is now out and downloadable from the Releases section. 005 comes from Dissident, a name which is becoming more and more associated with quality music. Having already had numerous releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Exegene, Fear Red, the Russian TAM Records(which he is a co-owner of), he drops SC Digital a couple of tracks in warm up to his release on Subvert Central(SC006).
Lower Astral features many of the Indian influences you'd find all over Dissident's tracks, along with his subtle effects and intensely crisp drum breaks and percussion. The flip, Oneiroid Psychosis retains the same dark atmospheric vibes, but this time goes much more moody and sinister. Squelchy synths and rumbling basses rip through the sharp drums, whilst obscure vocal samples drift in and out of the ominous pads and string synths. Also accompanying the tunes is an equal quality cover designed by Stacks!

You'll find this release over at
in the Releases 2005 section

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