Drum & Bass Saturday Night Shenanigans mix

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    Hey guys,

    This is my first post here - I know it's frowned upon to post a mix as a first post, but the last one posted here was in November, so I thought I might as well fresh things up.
    This isn't a pre-planned mix, it was a spur of the moment thing for one of my best mate's birthday. Recorded in Traktor on an S2.
    The mix is double-drop rich, loads of new releases, generally on the hard-hitting side. Lots of Neuro and straight DnB, with tunes from giants like Mefjus, Fourward, Noisia and Phace down to less famous tracks from the likes of Aggressor Bunx, NickBee and SniperFX.
    I must confess that I'm a bedroom DJ (though trying my best to change that), so I will gladly take all the criticism you guys are willing to give!


    Aggressor Bunx - Terror Force
    Noisia - Displaced
    Spor - Full Colour
    Signs - Interzone
    Mefjus - Struggle & Pain
    BTK & Presence Known - 40 Channels of Funk
    Sniper FX - Dancing Monkeys
    Fourward - Spike
    DJ Hazard - Time Tripping
    Optiv & BTK - Shredder
    Signs - Percuss
    Mefjus & InsideInfo - Leibniz
    Noisia - Shaking Hands
    Mefjus & InsideInfo - Pulsation
    Emperor - Tandem
    Fourward - Sticks & Stones
    NickBee - Third Entity
    DubFX - The Sky (Shimon Remix)
    DC Breaks - Swag
    Phace & Misanthrop - Nordwand
    Phace & Mefjus - The Mothership
    Mefjus - Stutter
    Phace - Yes!
    Friction - Battle Scars
    Maztek - Memory Leak
    Spor - Aztec
    Teddy Killerz - Hyperspeed
    Octo Pi - Matter
    Emperor - Passed Up
    Phace & Culprate - Logic Bomb