SAT6oct:FLAMEnight feat totalscience-bryangee-probe-heist and mooore

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    After a number of international storming parties last summer, Flame night and Acme Soundz are back to London @ Hub Club (formerly Sub Club) for a new and massive montly night. 2 rooms, from drum and bass to dubstep-electro and breakbeat. The full spectrum of drum and bass music from classic to todays upfront sound will bring you some of the original artists as well as the cream of todays dj's and mc's talent. There is something for everyone.The line up features the finest artists rolling out the very best in drum and bass as Total Science , Bryan Gee , Heist , Probe and moooore. This is one party you really cannot afford to miss. Celebrate this new season in style.....acmesoundz & flamenight. CHECK OUT:::::....WWW.FLAMENIGHT.COM....::::::::::

    -flame night vs acme soundz:

    -saturday 6 october 2007

    -hub club

    -price on the door �8 before 11pm


    -adress: hub club
    2 goulston street
    E1 7TP
    aldgate east-liverpool street

    -infoline 07722003305

    main room (drum and bass)

    -total science (metalheadz-cia)
    -bryan gee (v recordings -movement)
    -probe (timeless-pyroradio)
    -heist (metalheadz-fullcycle)
    -d-jamma (flame-grecs-hertzquake)
    -ko (flame-grecs-hertzquake)
    -hellraizer (timeless-flame-hertzquake)
    -jnk (acme soundz)
    -mr hyde (acme soundz)

    hosted by mc's joker d and five alive

    the bar:

    -djnike (dubstep)
    -the lovhertz (electro set)
    -jnk/mr hyde
    -mnemosyne (subculture-dubstep set)