Sargy - More Ginger Junglist Mayhem

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    Hello all,

    Another little update from our favourite ginger junglist, bringing those furious beats that he has been honing on ableton for a good few years now.
    This tune might be a little fast for some of the people on this board, and to be fair Sargy himself said he doesn't really like music at 220 bpm, but when he tried to slow it down it didn't sound right, and I think you'll agree it is some serious beats!
    This tune is just a crazy concoction from Sargy's head, so original, and SO rinsing!

    If you want either track by all means get in contact with Sargy I'm sure he'll be very proud to know his track is being played out by others people – and of course any label interest would awesome, as our plans for a Syndicate label are quite far from fruition.

    Don't forget you can check Sargy out tomorrow at Jungle Syndicate London at Rhythm Factory between 12pm and 1am (I'm not sure who's going first, him or Ragga, but it's hardly like Ragga won't be rinsing as well… He's packing a few dubs that'll be sure to rock the place)

    Safe safe and hopefully see some of yous tomorrow

    Paul Syndicate x
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    May 12, 2011
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    I already commented on his Souncloud. These two are fucking heavyweight! Big up Sargy.