Sappo - Inside out / Out of focus (Frontline)


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Jan 30, 2002
A must for all fans of Sappo.
This is just the way I like his tunes, with skippy little beats, jazzy, yet sinister melodies and chords, and some deep and slightly spooky bass.
Obviously if you're a die hard tech head you'll hate this but for those who like it deep dark and haunting then go for this.

The A side features some nice detuned strings over sultry chords with the trademark combination of beats and bass that just bounces off the walls.

The flip goes for a more chilled vibe and a more bubbling bass alongside a more stripped down beat. Still gets my head nodding but is more of a smoking tune.

If you like Sappo you'll LOVE this, and it's worth a try if you are really into 1994-96 styles as it's quite oldskool.
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