Sappo / influx Datum - MUSIC / Temptation


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Jan 30, 2002
This is a nice couple of tracks on a laidback tip with Influx Datum going for a very modern soulful approach and Sappo going for his chilled yet strangely energetic style.
I'm a big fan of Sappo's dense soundscapes so his track normally gets room in my mixes, and he goes for some interesting sounds, starting with sparse FX, then moving into nice floaty stabs and vocals, then stripping it down into a bass heavy track with the usual rattling beats.
Influx Datum churn out a track that is excellent for home listening with soothing strings, deep bass and a much slower pace.

Seeing that I normally only play one side in my sets it's nice to have a track to listen to when you're winding down on the flip rather than a headbanger you'll not play much. Doubt this is the aim but it worked for me anyway.
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