Sanz - Square / Rasta Love - 36 Hertz Recordings

vapour 36 hertz
New signing to 36 Hertz Recordings Sanz kick starts his release's with two straight up fire starting slices of bassline heavy thug music.

Opening the proceedings with "Square" this track blows the dust of your speakers and tests your windows capabilities to withstand an earthquake. Serious bass to make your teeth rattle leads the track through before breaking down to some rolling breaks and pads m id section. Its not over yet though as the 2nd drop brings yet more filthy bassline antics.

The flip brings up a different angle with the more rolling Bristol vibes of "Rasta Love" which brings fans of the more deeper sounds on board with a slice of vintage sounding reverse bassline goodness. Complimenting the lead track perfectly this shows that Sanz is not a one trick pony and can flex his musical muscles in a variety of fashions with devastating effect!

Available to purchase exclusively this week via the 36 Hertz Bandcamp and Juno download here:

Bandcamp -
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Full release out on Monday the 9th May