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SAN006 First sampler from Logam's upcoming LP!

With releases on Project 51, Playaz, Trust in Music, Sub Human, & Gradient Audio, Logam is starting to make a name for himself in the electronic music scene. As of 2013 he has now had the pleasure of working with producers such as Mayhem, Gein, Rregula & Dementia, Bare, Legion, Wreckage Machinery, Stu C4C, & Gridlok.

This single acts not just as a sampler for a forthcoming LP, but also a showcase for the creative spectrum of the producer, as the kinetic force of the A side is married purposefully with the subtle machinations of the flip.

Interface drops a heavy beat to get feet moving before soon becoming awash with cathedral synths that hint at an otherworldly malevolance somewhere behind the curtain. Meanwhile, Morphic Fields masterfully groovy bassline sits nestled in a dense jungle of synthetic percussion, propelled forward by a conscious rhythmic intent. The inspired melodics and intricate beatwork of both tracks are sure to stir anticipation for the LP which is set to be released later this year.