San.Dra & Indidjinous - Breakbeat / Tribal D&B on Subtle Audio

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    Hey all, just to let you know there are two new download releases available from the Subtle Audio site right now...


    Tunes from San.Dra (St. Petersberg, Russia) and Indidjinous (New York, USA). Both tracks are deep trips through the breakbeat and percussive side of Drum & Bass.

    "Helicobacter Pylori" is an amen track, San.Dra style! As much about the foreboding atmosphere as the beats it's aptly named after a stomach bacteria. This one may make you queasy.

    "Initiation" combines organic drums and glitchy sonics for a track that will have you reaching for your face-paint and spear and have you hopping up and down shouting all kinds of tribalisms by the time it's done!


    INDIDJINOUS - "Initiation" (SUBTLED010)

    FLAC --->

    mp3 --->

    SAN.DRA - "Helicobacter Pylori" (SUBTLED009)

    FLAC --->

    mp3 --->

    Also on release are FLAC / mp3's of the Vinyl Version of Polska's "2nd Rate" release. Again you can check those from the Subtle Audio Shop ...