Samurai Music News & Update

Ez All,

As you may or may not know Samurai Music is a drum and bass label from New Zealand focusing primarly on NZ dnb talent.

owned and operated by Dj Presha from New Zealand the label is focused on quality over quantity and a strong focus on the overall package of the record.

Our first release is already in the shops and is selling well
Samurai Music NZ001
A: State of Mind & Trei - True Stories
AA: State of Mind - Lonely Planet

Samurai Music’s next 3 vinyl releases are as follows:
NZ002A - Klute - Love As Divinity
NZ002B - Klute - Hang With Me

NZ003A - Mosus - 1999
NZ003B - Mosus - Post Modern

NZ004A - Trei & Dose - The Other Part Of Me
NZ004B - Trei & Dose - It's Alright

In the future we have a Samurai Foreign Exchange Series - This will be a series of releases that has one side NZ and one side from another country

Part 1 will be

Soul Intent - Cold Blooded / Luca - Break & Enter

Part 2 is just being finalised but will have one side by Cern

The first remix release is also currently being produced and will be...

State Of Mind & Trei - True Stories (The Upbeats Remix) / The Upbeats - The Weka

The first in the Samurai Music 'Red Seal' mix CD series is also being worked on and will be mixed by State Of Mind and feature a large amount of kiwi CD exclusives.

Dj Presha also has a Samurai Music radio show on on the first tuesday of each month at 10am-12pm New Zealand Time. The first being March 4th. The have an excellent archiving system so you can listen at anytime

for all audio please check out our myspace page @

and join our facebook group for the latest updates by searching for Samurai Music.

till next time :rslayer: