Samuel Markus & The Only Ones debut cd "New Dawn"


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Aug 3, 2008
Samuel Markus and The Only Ones debut their full length cd entitled New Dawn- Featuring the enigmatic Rosa- a swinging highly catchy melody with a street groove- then the very Tom Petty like Another Way and the love song Suzanne which reminds of Leonard Cohen- With the song The Offering Samuel shows his spiritual side with poetic lyrics that are visually inspiring- in fact much of New Dawn elicits the very cinematic writing that is at the core of Samuel's work-his music expresses the love he has for the silver screen and every song is certainly a movie in itself. The Only Ones feature the incredible slide guitar of Casey Mohoney- the inspired drumming and bass playing of Nick D'virgilio and Ron Underwood from Opiate For The Masses.

"New Dawn is fully evolved. Folk-based tunes with pop-realm accessibility. Within each song are familiar folk stories, delivered with near-dangerous catchiness. These tunes remain in the heads of their listeners, but their intelligent and narrative content makes them welcome additions to cerebral playlists."

You can pre-order a physical copy with artwork and liner notes here:

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