Remix Competition - 3 WEEKS LEFT


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#1 and AMG UK
are proud to bring you
Samplecity's Third Remix Competition

The Prizes

First Prize

Two Sample cds from the list (in a format of your choice) from AMG UK

Second Prize

One sample cd from the list (in a format of your choice)
from AMG UK

The list :

Norman Cook - Skip to my Loops
(winner chooses format, doesn't have to be refill)

160db <------ DNB SAMPLE CD
( winner chooses format, doesn't have to be refill)

Black II Black Bangin' Beatboxes
(winner chooses format, doesn't have to be refill)

Prizes brought to you courtesy of AMG UK.
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The Song

You will be remixing Alithiea and Beauvoir - Starting Point. We don't want to give away the full version, as we want all the creativity to come from your guys (and gals). Here is a tiny demo of the original : Listen.

One dark and lonely night on an Internet personals site, Davyde Wachell and Hailey MacPhail made a decision to meet up. Gross.

Surely only a few inches from rock bottom, they cracked open a bottle of wine and assembled with their acoustic guitars on a large piece of horrible modern art in Robson Square, Vancouver (Canada). They found themselves so eerily compatible musically that Hailey found it necessary to urinate publicly. Abandoning guitars, Davyde and Hailey have moved on to more electronically centred music, which encompasses electro, pop, industrial, and experimental genres. As fluidity of communication rises, you should expect Davyde(computer machine) and Hailey(voice machine) to have a lot of smutty filth for you to listen to. Alithiea and Beauvoir.

The Rules

1) No genre restrictions - Ambiant, Trance, Hip hop, Trip hop, Hard house, Jungle, Funky House
Abstract, Acoustic Guitar, Himilayan Monk Spiritual, WHATEVER. Anything goes.

2) Length - Entries must be at least four minutes long and be no longer than nine minutes.

3) Format - Entries must be submitted as 192kbit, 44.1khz mp3 files.

When your naming your track for upload, please name it like so

[SC username] Artist Name - track name .mp3

4) Submission Location - Starting November 1st, 2003, a FTP account will be set up for submissions. All entries will need to be uploaded to this account.

5) Judging - Judging will run for the first two weeks of January 2004, and the rest of the samplecity members will vote on who they believe should win. In the event of a close race, Alithiea and Beauvoir will determine the winner. In the event of a landslide vote, THE MEMBERS HAVE SPOKEN.

6) Fairness - Only 1 track per person can be submitted.

7) Cheating - Making multiple usernames in order to submit multiple tracks, or creating multiple accounts to vote many times are easily identified by Vbulletin and will result in disqualification.

8) Resemblance - Your remix must resemble the track in question, as with most remixes. You are free to cut up vocals and distort them, and totally fuck the song up to your liking -- But make sure this is a remix, and not a completely new song. If you do decide to submit something that barely resembles the original, the other SC members will most surely not vote for your track.

9) Communication - A forum dedicated to the remix competition will be created so you can ask questions, post previews, and get feedback on your remix competition progress.

10) Copyright There vocals are copyright Alithiea and Beauvoir. If you make a production quality track and would like to produce it, you will need to contact Alithiea and Beauvoir for permission and licensing. They are very music centric people, and I'm sure they would gladly give permission upon request. Although, remember, these vocals are copyright Alithiea and Beauvoir, if you release these vocals in a track without getting permission, you could face legal problems ;)

All entries must be recieved no later that 11:59pm, December 31st, 2003.

Remix packs available at

This song was made to be remixed as a jungle track. It's the perfect speed! I trully hope we get some entries!


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