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Discussion in 'Production' started by Fckthwrld, Mar 5, 2014.

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    i jsut started to produce music. As im really into liquid dnb i bought ableton live 9 suite and played along with it a bit. To get started (there are REALLY much samples in the library...) i want a "no brainer" - so i dont waste too much time on the internet looking for free samples. Can you give me any tips on sample librarys? i found some very interesting ones at loopmasters

    are they any good or something you would use?
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    London Elek one is good. Lots of good construction kits as well as quality one-shots there. Definitely worth it if you want to look inside Tony's production.
    Liquid essentials I personally do not like because of drum samples. May be for mainstream things they are not that bad tho.

    My go-to is Icicle pack. Tons of cleansed useful samples. Always use drums for layering and resample some fx from there.
    Also I recommend to check out Dogs On Acid sample packs - they are free and contains a lot of useful stuff.